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We are still shipping worldwide and working to deliver as quickly as possible.


Current delivery estimate:

Galaxy Pad: 5 - 10 days

Art Deco Pad: Delivery July 1st - 3rd



Need somewhere to practice tap? Find there is nothing out there designed for those who are passionate about Tap and really want to PRACTICE.


The Original Tap Dance Practice Pad measures 90cm X 120cm, its lightweight and rolls up for easy portability. It has a noise reducing foam layer which gives you just enough sounds to mark steps and work on rhythms while not disturbing those around you.


The Original Tap Dance Practice Pad is an all-new pad for dancers who value the importance of practice and need a durable, soundproof and lightweight solution for their Tap Practice.


“I live in a teeny studio apartment in NYC and finding a way to practice that didn't involve scratching the floors up or annoying my neighbors seemed impossible.


I am so happy with my Tap Dance Practice Pad. I can now practice any time of day or night and I don't have to stress about getting my security deposit back.The pad is a perfect size for my space - small enough that it fits and large enough that I can modify traveling choreography and keep it on the pad, and there's definitely enough room for rolling shuffles.


The fact that it rolls up means I can keep it next to my yoga mat in the closet or under the bed, and it's easy to set out or put away quickly. If you live in the city and need a way to practice that doesn't involve paying $20/hour to rent a studio in midtown, definitely pick up one of these!”


- Jacqueline, New York City.




Tap Dance Practice Pads are delivered from Dublin, Ireland.

(VAT & Duty may apply depending on location)

Art Deco Practice Pad

$150.00 Regular Price
$120.00Sale Price
  • The Original Tap Dance Practice Pad is far more lightweight than any dance flooring, flooring substitute or mat out there and it's innovative design will make you want to PRACTICE. 

    It solves all your practice problems with a groundbreaking SprungTECH foam layer and ultra-light use of materials. It's simple and versatile but surprisingly stronger than meets the eye so excellent for Tap dance.

    The Original Tap Dance Practice Pad is intended for dancers of all ages, on-the-go or at home.

    • Dimensions: 90cm x 120cm. 
    • Available in original, unique Art Deco Tap or Galaxy design 

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