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Galaxy Pad: 5 - 10 days

Art Deco Pad: Delivery July 1st - 3rd



The new GALAXY Practice Pad is the latest addition to the the Tap Dance Practice Pad collection and is available to order now!


This pad comes with all the patented design traits of the Original Practice Pad including anti-slip surface, sprung tech foam center for a sprung floor feeling, along with silicone underside to stop from slipping around.


It has a celestial Galaxy inspired design to help you dance for the stars and provides the perfect amount of space for home practice with its unique rectangle design measuring 90 x 120cm.


Practice Pads are by far the most lightweight, durable, portable and non-slip dance pads out there and our innovative patented designs will make you want to PRACTICE!


Let Practice Pad solve all your practice problems with its unique patented design, groundbreaking SprungTECH foam layer to provide shock absorption on hard surfaces and ultra-light use of materials for portability and storage.


Our pads our simple and versatile but surprisingly stronger than meet the eye and perfect for hard shoe practice on any surface. The Sprungtech built in layer will also reduce the noise just enough for the dancer to be able to hear without disturbing those around them.


The Practice Pad is intended for dancers of all ages, for use on-the-go, at the studio, at the feis, on tour or at home.


Size: 90cm x 120cm

Shape: Rectangle

Style: Galaxy


!NEW! Galaxy Practice Pad

$150.00 Regular Price
$120.00Sale Price
  • The GalaxyTap Dance Practice Pad is far more lightweight than any dance flooring, flooring substitute or mat out there and it's innovative design will make you want to PRACTICE. 

    It solves all your practice problems with a groundbreaking SprungTECH foam layer and ultra-light use of materials. It's simple and versatile but surprisingly stronger than meets the eye so excellent for Tap dance.

    The Original Tap Dance Practice Pad is intended for dancers of all ages, on-the-go or at home.

    • Dimensions: 90cm x 120cm. 

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